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Art instruction

Involvement in the arts embraces an entire body of knowledge with a distinct vocabulary that transcends time, age, and ethnicity. Engaging our students in multiple hands-on art experiences allows them to contribute to society, celebrate culture, and develop natural talent.

The essential categories in the visual arts program that are presented to students throughout district art classes are as follows:

  • Drawing: Making and arranging lines to represent an image

  • Painting: Applying color to surface to create an image

  • Sculpture: Any work of art carried out in three dimensions

  • Architecture: The art of designing and making buildings

  • Printmaking: To draw, trace, carve making a mark on a surface, and creating an impression of the design with ink.

  • Collage: A group of different textures, objects, and materials glued down to create a visual expression.

  • Fiber Art: Any work of art incorporating year, thread, and fabric.

  • Technology in Art: Art that is from a variety of disciplines, including video, film, photography, computer graphics, and multimedia art.

  • Art History: The field of study that identifies and classifies art works in a cultural and chronological context.

  • Art Criticism: The processes and skills involved in viewing, analyzing, interpreting, and judging works of art.

Elements of Art

  • Line: Line is the path of moving point. The variations of line are vertical, horizontal, diagonal, curved, angular, zig zag, bent, straight, interrupted, thick, thin, parallel, cross-hatched, and spiral.

  • Value: Value is the differences in a hue or neutral ranging from the lightest to the darkest. Example, white to black.

  • Shape: 2-D area enclosed by an outline

  • Form: 3-D object with height, width, and depth

  • Space: Organizes elements in a composition

  • Texture: Appeals to sense of touch

  • Color: Hue, intensity, and value

Principles of Design:

  • Repetition: Rhythm or repeating of a pattern

  • Emphasis: The creation of a center of interest

  • Contrast: Shows differences between elements of art

  • Balance: Symmetrical

  • Unity: Harmony of all the visual elements in a composition.

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