A Great Booster Club Means More For Our Students

As we all know, school offers not only an academic education to our students, but also life-long skills through extra-curricular activities. These come at a cost that sometimes the school or students can't always meet. This is where the Albany Booster Club comes in.

Albany Booster Club raises funds to accumulate monies that will ultimately be returned to Albany City School District students through financial request. All raised money is re-circulated back to the students. We raise funds to give it back.

Some people are under the impression that the Booster Club is only supportive of sports teams. This is incorrect. Albany Booster Club has and will continue to support numerous school enhancements, clubs and activities, not only at the high school level but throughout the District. However, the Booster Club is solely dependent upon help from parents, guardians, students, faculty, staff and community members.

Although our main mission is to raise money to fund various activities, it does not have to feel like work. Meeting new people and working together to be successful in supporting our students can be fun and rewarding. As participation in the Booster Club grows, help can be provided on a rotating basis and spread out more evenly, requiring less of everyone's time.

Remember T.E.A.M. (Together Everyone Accomplishes More)

Please become a part of the Albany Booster Club "Team."



The Albany Booster Club meets on an as-needed basis as determined by the Board of Directors. The Board generally conducts business via email, which consists of reviewing and approving requests for funding, as well as soliciting volunteers to raise funds.


The majority of Booster Club funds are raised by running athletic concession stands, 50/50 raffles at concerts and plays and through private donations from supporters. Concession stands are run by ABC board members, parents, guardians and students from different sports clubs, school clubs and activities.

If you are not able to volunteer, then please consider supporting the Booster Club by making a donation. Click on the link entitled "Albany Booster Club Brochure" below which lists donation categories: Platinum, Golden, Silver, Blue & Gray and Student.

The ABC has provided funds for:

  • A new stage at the Albany School of Humanities
  • The Albany High School sign
  • Scholarship funds for arts, music and drama
  • Musical equipment (District-wide)
  • Wireless microphones for AHS Drama Club
  • Spirit apparel for all athletic teams
  • Enhancement of clubs and other extracurricular activities
  • Student sport camps and coaching clinics
  • End of season sports banquets, and much, much more

Current Members of the ABC Board of Directors:

Cyndy Allen
Cheryl Cahill
Eileen Criscione
Jim Daniels (Treasurer)
Rene Dixon
Peggy Egan
Tyleia Harrell
Marybeth Hassett-Murphy
Carol Hill
Amber Jones
Susan Kushner
Emily Lee
Jeff Mantica
Linda McTague
Lorra Monaghan (Volunteer Coordinator, 728-7278)
Jessica Patnaude
Gulcan Yalniz