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Celebrating the important role

of parents in student achievement

Parents are the most important partners any school can have.


They volunteer in classrooms and at school events, as coaches and chaperones, as mentors and role models.


They bake. They read. They listen. They are there in good times and bad.


The City School District of Albany is proud to recognize all of those parental role models who invest their time and talent to help students succeed.


Parents. Grandparents. Guardians. Caring parents like Wendy Milligan, pictured here.


They also are grandmothers like Marcella Green, who was featured in a December WNYT/TV 13 story about her efforts as a volunteer at North Albany Academy.


The district is proud to highlight -- both here and in the 2009-10 annual calendar -- examples from each school whose contributions made a difference in 2008-09. Some work quietly behind the scenes. Some take charge and lead the way. All are shining examples – for their children, first and foremost, but for all children and the school community as well.


Our "Parent Champions" carry a message shared by thousands of their peers throughout the district. They are linked by their enthusiasm for the great opportunities available to all students in Albany's public schools, and their tireless commitment to our students, teachers and school community.


They understand and support our mission to educate and nurture all students to be responsible citizens, critical thinkers and lifelong learners.


We hope you will enjoy learning more about these individuals, and, through their voices and experiences, about the vibrant school district they support.

Parent Champions

  • Faye and Bill Andrews

    • William S. Hackett Middle School

    • “As parents we believe we not only have a responsibility to our children and our children’s future, but also a civic duty to make sure that our children have the best opportunities available."

  • Marilyn and Tommy Bernard

    • Arbor Hill Elementary School

    • "The only way our children have the ability to succeed in this world is to get involved and stay involved in their education.”

  • Nyasja Brown

    • Philip Livingston Magnet Academy

    • "Parents have that sense of guidance that kids feel, and it makes them want to strive to do better."

  • Cinzia Cera

    • Montessori Magnet School

    • "Principal, teachers, staff, other parents and students make you really feel part of a welcoming community where children can learn and flourish. It is an honor and a lot of fun to be part of the team.”

  • Cindy Clo

    • Albany High School

    • “When school, family and community all work together we provide the best possible experiences for optimal growth for all children.”

  • Cheryl Frye and Jim Lembo

    • Delaware Community School

    • “A strong sense of individual identity and integration within the community is very important. Every person has unique skills that can benefit others."

  • Marcella Green

    • North Albany Academy

    • “I’m known at NAA as ‘grandma.’ The kids know they can always come to me for a hug when they feel the need for a little comfort and love. In return, I'm also receiving love from our future leaders."

  • Lisa Grimes

    • Rev. John Giffen, M.D., Memorial Elementary School

    • "I feel if I can touch the life of a child, I will be there to help."

  • Maria Harple

    • Albany School of Humanities (ASH)

    • "I strongly believe we are here to look after one another, supporting each other with whatever resources and talents we have."

  • Edith Johnson

    • Harriet Gibbons High School

    • "You’re trying to help them become more involved, because today an education is the most important thing."

  • Lisa Jones

    • Harriet Gibbons High School

    • "I teach my children that without your education you can’t be that football player or basketball player, nurse or professional dancer. You have to stay focused and grounded."

  • Carolyn Keefe

    • Pine Hills Elementary School

    • “Education expands our horizons and our sense of what is possible, offering resources to create our own success and empowering us to reach for it."

  • Eboney and Eric Kersey

    • Philip J. Schuyler Achievement Academy

    • "We feel that being involved in their school shows them that we care about their success in life. They will not only dream of success, they will believe that it will come to fruition."

  • Wendy Milligan

    • New Scotland Elementary School

    • "Volunteering has allowed me to see just how important community involvement is in educating all children."

  • Dorothy Nicholas

    • Sheridan Preparatory Academy

    • "Being involved in my children’s education or school is one of my greatest achievements that will help and shape them into becoming a success tomorrow.”

  • Monica Parker

    • William S. Hackett Middle School

    • “We tend to think of ‘getting involved’ in terms of what we do to help out at school, but what we don’t always realize is what we gain in return. The benefits are usually less tangible than those cupcakes we dropped off, but they are real."

  • Jenifer Pratico

    • Thomas O'Brien Academy of Science and Technology (TOAST)

    • "If you have engaged parents, motivated teachers and willing administrators, our children can reach any academic, personal and life-long goal."

  • John Robinson

    • Philip Livingston Magnet Academy

    • “There are many reasons I have for school involvement. To sum it up, I would say duty is the main reason. I have a duty to know what is happening in and what is being planned for the schools my children are attending."

  • Pam Stempsey

    • Stephen and Harriet Myers Middle School

    • "If my participation in (my children's) schools helps them become a better person – the best person they can be – then every field trip I chaperoned, every PTSA meeting I attended, every fundraiser I assisted with was worth every minute.”

  • Marie Tross

    • Albany High School

  • Michelle Washington

    • Albany High School

    • "I believe that having an education is one of the most important tools that one can achieve toward their success. Parent involvement is critical in partnering with the schools to ensure the success of all students.”

  • Christina Wiley

    • Eagle Point Elementary School

    • “By spending time at school I feel I’m investing in my children’s future. I get to know their fellow students as well as the entire school community."

  • Gulcan Yalniz

    • Stephen and Harriet Myers Middle School

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