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City School District of Albany
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Pine Hills Elementary School Mission

Pine Hills Elementary School
Prekindergarten-Grade 6

41 North Allen St., Albany, NY 12203 (click here for directions)
Phone: 475-6725
Fax: 475-6729

Web site: http://phes.albany.k12.ny.us/

Vibetta Sanders, Principal
e-mail: vsanders@albany.k12.ny.us


Respect, responsibility and consideration
The mission of the staff, families and community of Pine Hills Elementary School is to prepare respectful, responsible, caring, skilled and literate life-long learners. Our dedicated staff provides a stimulating, integrated curriculum that nurtures individual strengths and talents in a safe and supportive environment.



  • To lift all students to meet higher academic standards.

  • To help all students discover and develop their individual strengths and talents.

  • To provide a safe, supportive environment.

  • To improve responsible behavior and respect for all in the school community.

  • To celebrate and appreciate the diversity of our school population.

  • To increase the participation of all stakeholders in continually improving the school.

  • To improve communication with all the stakeholders in our school community.

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