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City School District of Albany
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Edmund J. O'Neal Middle School of Excellence

Edmund J. O'Neal Middle School of Excellence

Grades 6-8

Scroll down for school supplies lists


50 North Lark St., Albany, NY 12210

Phone: (518) 475-6600

Fax: (518) 475-6602


TBD, Principal

Timitra Rose, Assistant Principal

Email: trose@albany.k12.ny.us

April Stokes Assistant Principal

Email: astokes@albany.k12.ny.us


2019-20 school supplies lists

O'Neal to become a community school in September

Come September, Edmund J. O’Neal Middle School of Excellence will be transformed into a community school – a neighborhood hub that will provide services to students and families during and beyond the regular school day.


Community schools provide certain services directly or partner with a community organization to provide the services. Those services could include:

  • Before- and after-school programs;

  • More intensive health, mental health and social services for children; and

  • Mental health, social, legal, career, English-language, parenting and adult educational services for parents or guardians.

Parents, students and community members will have the opportunity to provide input about programs and services they would like to see at O’Neal. Please join us at a meeting to discuss this on Wednesday, May 15 from 4:30-5:30 p.m.   


Planned enrollment changes for 2019-20 and beyond

In order to reduce enrollment at Edmund J. O’Neal Middle School of Excellence, the City School District of Albany Board of Education has approved a plan to convert North Albany Academy to a small, temporary middle school for the next four years.


Under these enrollment changes, students moving into sixth grade from North Albany and Philip J. Schuyler Achievement Academy will attend the temporary middle school at North Albany through the 2022-23 school year. Students moving into sixth grade from Arbor Hill Elementary School and Sheridan Preparatory Academy will continue to attend middle school at O’Neal.


At O’Neal, these enrollment changes will reduce the size of the sixth grade by about half next school year. These reductions will extend to grade 7 in the 2020-21 school year and throughout all grades in the 2021-22 school year, lowering the overall enrollment in the building over that time. We believe this will allow us to better serve all students, with lower overall enrollment in both school environments.


The district intends for this short-term middle school enrollment pattern to be in place until the 2023-24 school year. The district anticipates that North Albany will re-open as a permanent 650-student middle school beginning in 2023-24. The district will plan for the permanent enrollment pattern for that school, as well as for Hackett and Myers middle schools, through an open and inclusive community process in the coming years.


School times

  • Building opens -- 7:35 a.m.

  • Breakfast begins -- 7:35 a.m.

  • School day begins -- 8 a.m.

  • School day ends -- 3 p.m.

Upcoming events

  • Monday, July 8-Friday, Aug 9 -- Middle school summer enrichment for students who have been notified, 8:10 a.m.- noon. Breakfast and lunch are included, and so is transportation. Please note that the program will be held at Edmund J. O'Neal Middle School of Excellence, 50 North Lark St.


2018-19 news and information

  • Superheroes abound at O'Neal. It’s official: Students in Cyndy Clo’s and Alyssa Zito’s classes at are superheroes. They received their credentials on June 6 after completing the requirements for Superhero Academy, a workshop that challenges students to consider what it means to be heroes in their communities. Guided by Black Panther and traditional and contemporary versions of Spiderman, the students learned that being a hero is doing something for someone besides yourself. In closing, veteran superheroes advised the rookies to use their knowledge and their powers wisely. Superhero Academy is a program of People Uniting Local Support Everywhere, or P.U.L.S.E. (A Facebook account is not necessary to view the linked content above. A window may display the text "To see more from Albany City Schools on Facebook, log in or create an account, but you can dismiss it by clicking "not now.")

  • 'Ready Room' helps students affected by trauma -- Welcome to the Ready Room at Edmund J. O’Neal Middle School of Excellence, an inviting and tranquil place where students who struggle with their behavior can come to take a breath and reset themselves. The space formerly known as room 219 was the school’s in-school suspension room. Now it’s a haven of sorts for students who have experienced life trauma that affects their ability to succeed in school. (MORE)

  • O'Neal students get 'clapped in -- Students from Edmund J. O’Neal Middle School of Excellence were enthusiastically greeted April 29 with shouts, drumming and cheers as they came back to school after being off for more than a week. Faculty, staff and Superintendent Kaweeda G. Adams took part in the noisy welcome-back “clap-in” for students. O’Neal’s event is one of several going on throughout the school district in the coming weeks. Clap-ins are intended to energize students and motivate everyone to continue working hard through the last days of the school year. Click here to see a photo collection from O’Neal’s clap-in.

  • Academic high-flyers recognized -- Congratulations to the 86 academic superstars at Edmund J. O’Neal Middle School of Excellence who made second quarter honor roll! They were recognized Feb. 26 at an Honor Roll Ceremony. Click here to see Facebook photos from the ceremony. You don’t need a Facebook account to view the pictures: A window may display the text “To see more from Albany City Schools on Facebook, log in or create an account,” but you can dismiss it by clicking “not now."
  • Reading, writing, learning at O'Neal -- This is what learning looks like: On Thursday, sixth-graders in Bridget Smith’s second-period English language arts class at Edmund J. O’Neal Middle School of Excellence teamed up to discuss and write about the finer points of the book they're reading, “Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief” by Rick Riordan. Click here to see Facebook photos of their work. You don’t need a Facebook account to view the pictures: A window may display the text “To see more from Albany City Schools on Facebook, log in or create an account,” but you can dismiss it by clicking “not now."
  • Sixth-graders to see schedule change -- Starting Nov. 13, sixth-grade students will see a change in their schedules. The change involves the Computer-Assisted Instruction Class currently offered each day. Click here for more information from Principal Kandie Antonetti.
  • Back-to-school welcome from Co-Principals Kandie Antonetti and Malik Jones

Curriculum guide for middle school

As we start the 2018-19 school year, check out the City School District of Albany’s new middle-school curriculum guide. It’s a comprehensive overview of what students and families can expect in each grade at Edmund J. O’Neal Middle School of Excellence, Stephen and Harriet Myers Middle School and William S. Hackett Middle School.


The district has aligned its curriculum and course offerings at all three schools this year. If you were not able to attend the recent orientation programs at each middle school, you can download a guide here or pick one up from your child’s guidance counselor at school.


If you have any questions about the middle-school curriculum or experience, please contact your building principal. You also can contact Assistant Superintendent for Secondary Instruction Lori McKenna at (518) 475-6012 or lmckenna@albany.k12.ny.us.


About Edmund J. O'Neal Middle School of Excellence
Edmund J. O'Neal Middle School is the newest school in the City School District of Albany, opening for the 2017-18 school year at 50 North Lark St. The school serves about 500 students in grades 6-8.


The school building is the former home of the district's Alternative Learning Center, which relocated to 395 Elk St., now the Tony Clement Center for Education.


Edmund J. O'Neal's legacy

The new school is named after the late Edmund J. O'Neal, a beloved former Albany principal who spent his life serving the children and families of Albany, especially the Arbor Hill community.


He was the first African-American principal in our district when he took over leadership of the former School 6. He went on to serve as the first principal of Arbor Hill Elementary School from 1972-1986. He served as coordinator of human resources until his 1996 retirement.


O'Neal also was a product of Albany's public schools, attending the former Philip Schuyler High School and graduating from Albany High School. He also served as the first president of the board of Whitney M. Young Community Center, located in Arbor Hill. Click the highlighted text to read a Times Union story about naming the school in his honor.


Absence from school
If your child is absent from school for any reason, call the school nurse at (518) 475-6600 during the morning and provide a written excuse when your child returns to school.


Middle-school enrollment

The City School District of Albany uses a feeder enrollment model for students at O'Neal Middle School, Stephen and Harriet Myers Middle School and William S. Hackett Middle School.


Students who move up from the following elementary schools will attend O'Neal Middle School:

  • Arbor Hill Elementary School

  • North Albany Academy

  • Philip Schuyler Achievement Academy

  • Sheridan Preparatory Academy



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